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Koda- In defense of the gnome

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Koda- In defense of the gnome

  As a mellow peace-loving dog, I usually tried to avoid controversy but I can stay quiet about this no longer…….I’m talking about the “gnome hate” happening at the store. I won’t name names….but you know who you are. I’m tired of seeing unicorns and wizards getting all of the love……and don’t even get me started on dragons!

I am here to speak for the humble gnome and Uncle Allen’s efforts to bring them back into decorating prominence. Gnomes are the unappreciated workers who keep the mythical world running. Who do you think has to feed and clean up after those unicorns…. Gnomes have been stuck in gardens and forced to shill for internet travel companies for far too long!

It’s time to free the gnomes from a humdrum garden only life and bring them into the house! Show them proudly on your counter tops and towel racks! Drink your coffee or tea proudly from your gnome mug.

P.S. I’m pretty sure some of the “gnome hate” is due to their similarity in look to hipsters. While the beards are indeed quite similar, they are not at all the same creatures!