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Koda- National Cheesecake Day....My Grandma's Favorite Holiday

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Koda- National Cheesecake Day....My Grandma's Favorite Holiday


 I realize it has only been a couple of days since my last blog, but today is National Cheesecake Day and that’s my grandma’s favorite food!!!! My grandma thinks cheesecake is about the best thing man has ever created…..well, baked at least…

 I see the same look in her eye when she sees cheesecake, that I get when Uncle Allen slips me bacon off his burger…….I’m pretty sure if she had a tail, she’d wag it!

 My grandma believes cheesecake is the perfect vegetarian meal. Cheesecake is made from eggs, cheese, butter, and often fruit……what’s more natural than that?? And grandma is 90…you argue with her, I’m not!

 My Uncle Allen says cheesecake is easy enough to make that even HE can make one! Apparently that is the only type of cake that he actually knows how to bake from scratch! I’ve watched Uncle Allen in the kitchen before, if he can do it, you can do it……trust me.

Whether you bake one, or buy one, my grandma says “Happy National Cheesecake Day!!!”