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Koda- National Coffee Day!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Koda- National Coffee Day!!!


It’s National Coffee Day!!!!! I would be a poor observer of what happens at this store if I let this day pass without comment. Coffee quite simply, is the fuel that drives this store……

My Uncle Allen says that he and my dad come by their love of coffee honestly. He says my grandpa drank coffee everyday…all day! He also said grandpa made coffee that was strong enough to stand on it’s own without a cup. I think he would have appreciated a nice stovetop espresso maker like this one.


I’ve noticed in the past few years that more and more people are buying non-electric ways of making coffee. Uncle Allen says 35 years ago, the big thing was German electric coffee makers and then fancy electric makers that were totally automatic was the big thing. Now everyone wants the best flavor out of their cup. A good filter holder and a pour over kettle are all you need.



Uncle Allen also said that grandpa thought the German custom of afternoon coffee accompanied by a slice of torte was just about the most civilized thing ever!! And I gotta admit…an afternoon treat is pretty high up on my list of favorite things too, as are morning treats, evening treats……