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Koda's First Post...Cuz Uncle Allen Made Me!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Koda's First Post...Cuz Uncle Allen Made Me!

I tried to tell Uncle Allen this wouldn't work....I don't have thumbs! But after the minor emotional breakdown after accidentally erasing his last attempt at writing a blog post, he turned over the writing duty to me. He was fragile...I couldn't refuse.....that, and he threatened to cut off my flow of treats. Actually, it's probably a good thing he isn't writing this, much less swearing to edit. So, you can now add "Blogger" to my list of shop dog duties.....which had been sleep, eat, and look cute. I will try to be entertaining and informative.....I mean seriously, how many dogs even use the word "informative"? I'll be showing you fun new merchandise, sharing recipes, and describing store antics I observe.

Uncle Allen is really excited about this newest gadget at the store......The Big Fork! This is an oversize fork that will lift a HUGE steak off the skillet and onto a waiting dog's plate. The handle is insulated with non-slip silicone so your human won't burn themselves. The fork works beautifully for serving pasta. A pair make perfect salad servers. It will even work as a handy slicing guide. All great uses for the human in your life....while they serve you that huge steak!



That steak looks soooooo good.......Uncle Allen thinks I may have strayed off mission here. I'm supposed to be telling you that it's stainless steel and easy to clean in the dishwasher. The silicone handle comes in green, red, or black. Uncle Allen, is this okay for a first blog? I mean, at least I didn't delete mine.....